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In today’s Capture 5environments it is more important than ever to stop thinking in terms of a privileged user, privileged accounts, or privileged access. These descriptions, and descriptions like Super-user Password Management, all describe tactics to deal with pieces of the problem. And while all are important pieces, they do not look at the problem systemically or holistically forcing organizations to string together different vendor’s individual approaches to create for themselves a comprehensive privilege solution. Increasing time to value, cost of ownership, and introducing different risks.

Micro Focus provides the only single vendor Privileged Identity Management solution on the market today. Our solution enables an organization to look at the question of privilege and manage privileges in a reliable, consistent, secure, and traceable way that improves overall governance, better manages risk, and reduces the costs and burdens of achieving and maintaining compliance.

  • Minimize and, in many cases eliminate, “at rest” privileged accounts
  • “Just in time” provisioning of privilege ensures the appropriate privileges are available only when and where they are needed
  • Ensure “least privilege” by delegating specific privileged activities
  • Automated enforcement of privilege activity policies
  • Proactively respond to privileged based threats
  • Track and certify privileged users across the enterprise regardless of how many unique accounts may represent them
  • Leverage Advanced Authentication options that reduce the opportunities for privilege use by non-authorized users

Our solution is built by the only vendor in the market with a proven 25+ year history in delivering enterprise scale solutions designed to meet the performance, disaster recovery, and high availability needs of today’s most demanding environments

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