Drive Bluebeam Sales with ‘Studio’—the Built-In Collaboration Solution Within Revu

There are always new opportunities to drive Bluebeam Revu sales with collaboration solutions like Studio. Need help pitching Revu’s collaboration capabilities to your customers? Let’s refresh and get back to the basics.

What is Studio?

Studio is the collaboration platform included with each seat of Revu.

What is the benefit of Studio?

Studio enables document-based collaboration in the cloud. Project partners can connect on the same set of centralized documents, anywhere, anytime.

How does it work?

Studio offers two ways to collaborate: Studio Sessions and Studio Projects.

Studio Sessions

Studio Sessions is a document-based collaboration platform used by project partners to interact on a document in real time. Imagine how much time your customers can save by communicating with all parties simultaneously.

Studio Projects

Studio Projects is a cloud-based lightweight document management system for project files. Users upload their files and folders into Studio Projects, which gives the whole team access to a master set of documents.

  • Upload any file type, not just PDFs, with unlimited storage space
  • Maintain version control by checking out and checking in files
  • Invite an unlimited number of users to the Project, even if they don’t have a seat of Revu
  • Control attendee access rights

Bluebeam Studio Key Features

Get to know the features and benefits that are most important to your customers:

  • Collaboration Online and Offline – Work with project files across multiple team members, regardless of internet access.
  • Security – Store project files in a secure database and effectively manage attendee access and permissions.
  • Notifications and Alerts – Receive timely notifications on document and user status changes, and issue action item alerts to your project team.
  • Activity Tracking – Automatically track all markup, collaboration activity and file revisions, and generate a final summary report.

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