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Sophos Synchronized Security

With ransomware attacks getting increasingly sophisticated, using multiple techniques and points of entry to bypass defenses and evade detection, most security solutions are designed to wrap endpoints and users in layers of security.

Synchronized security is a radically different approach, enabling the endpoint and network security components to directly share information to improve protection and make better, faster decisions.

The revolutionary Sophos Security Heartbeat™ ensures your endpoint protection and firewall are talking to each other. It’s a simple yet effective idea that means you get better protection against advanced threats and spend less time responding to incidents. It’s so simple, it makes you wonder why nobody did it before.

Best of all, you can manage all of your products from a single interface with Sophos Central.

To help your customers understand how they can achieve a stronger and more holistic security posture, introduce them to Sophos Synchronized Security.

Sophos Intercept X – Anti-Ransomware in 60 Seconds

Intercept X features signatureless anti-exploit, anti-ransomware and anti-hacker technology that includes visual root-cause analysis and advanced malware cleanup. And it’s all managed via the Sophos Central Admin console.

But how does it detect ransomware?

Find out more in the video below!

Use this Call Script to introduce Sophos Intercept X to your customers and help them protect themselves against ransomware!

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