Panda Security beats ‘Bad Rabbit’

Panda Adaptive Defense absolute visibility boosts our Prevention, Detection and Response capabilities, freeing all our customers from next-gen attacks like Bad Rabbit.

What Do We Know?

You may have recently read about a new ransomware variant named Bad Rabbit infecting computers.  We wanted to briefly explain what you should expect from this variant, and from your Panda protection.

Bad Rabbit is a new ransomware variant with some similarities to the recent Petya/NotPetya variant.  Like all ransomware, it encrypts the computers hard drive and requests payment for decryption.  Bad Rabbit has also exhibited the ability to spread in the network to other machines.  Regionally this variant has primarily affected computers in Russia and the Ukraine.

As of the early morning of Tuesday, October 24th, all Panda product offerings were providing full and effective protection against Bad Rabbit.

What Should You Do?

The best protection against this and all other threats is Adaptive Defense 360.  Adaptive Defense 360 automatically blocks and classifies all unknown processes before they have a chance to infect a machine.  Not a single machine using Adaptive Defense 360 in Lock Mode was affected by the previous attack, WannaCry.  The same applies for Bad Rabbit.

Those utilizing our Endpoint Protection product family (Endpoint Protection & Endpoint Protection Plus) should make sure that all endpoints are communicating properly with the console and have updated their signatures.

If they have not, please make use of the assistance provided in the console by clicking on the host name of each device that is out of date.  You can also contact our Corporate Support by dialing 1-866-748-2157 option 2, or by emailing

To see how Panda Security would be a good fit for you, please contact


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