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Why Nitro? A question you’ve probably been asked on more than one occasion. While responses range from “leader in document productivity” to the product’s cost-efficiency and ease of use, I challenge you to think deeper.

Why are we constantly working to be on the cutting edge of technological innovation, smarter document workflows, and digital transformation? The answer is our customer.  The Nitro customer is what gives us purpose.  We create for them. We iterate for them. We transform with them. Our customers are the fundamental motivation for everything we do as an organization.

As we continue to navigate this digital landscape together, keeping our customers and ambassadors informed on what’s new at Nitro is mission critical. In fact, our customer community helps champion, prioritize, and shape our product roadmap.

On November 29th, Kevin O’Donnell, Director of Product at Nitro, and Egle Venclovaite, Product Manager at Nitro, will take the stage for their latest webinar: Problem Solved: How Nitro’s Newest Enhancements Help You Work Even Smarter. Join Kevin and Egle as they demonstrate how Nitro Pro’s new and improved features will help your customers work even smarter with their documents.

Why attend?

  1. Go CAD! Nitro Pro now supports high-quality rendering of Computer Aided Design (CAD) drawings. Come, see the possibilities for yourself.
  2. Multitask easier. We’ll show how simple it is for users to take advantage of the multi-window management enhancements in Nitro Pro.
  3. Convert confidently. Improvements to Nitro Pro’s conversion tools mean your customers can convert documents faster and with greater quality.
  4. Print less. See how Nitro Pro advances print minimization objectives by suggesting digital workflows that can replace printing.

Join us on the journey toward digital transformation. Register today.


Author: Sheridan Gaenger, Director, Enterprise Marketing, Nitro

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