[On-Demand Webinar] GFI EventsManager Eases the Burden on Administration and Reduces Costs

Real-time log data management and analysis is needed to achieve security, business continuity and reliability, but with thousands of log entries being generated daily, managing them is a challenge. The unique combination of log data analysis and active monitoring not only shows you what the problem is, but also helps in identifying the cause of the problem, all from the same console.

Since GFI EventsManager can analyze log data in real time, you can detect and analyze security incidents and monitor the mechanisms, applications and services at the same time. Using GFI EventsManager, you can actively monitor your entire IT infrastructure (network protocols, network devices, network infrastructure, servers, applications, etc.) all in real time and from a single console.

GFI EventsManager also helps you to:

  • Gather information from virtually any source at a high level of granularity and depth.
  • Obtain a detailed view of what is happening across various environments with the variety of log types.
  • Track and report on Oracle and SQL server activities such as alteration of DB tables, attempts to access data without permission, etc.
  • Provide reliable data sources for forensic investigations.

To hear more about GFI EventsManager, View the recording here!

GFI EventsManager

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