Sophos launches the future of Cybersecurity with Deep Learning Technology

Already an industry leader in next-gen endpoint protection, Intercept X now harnesses the power of a deep learning neural network for unsurpassed protection against malware. The artificial intelligence used by Sophos is an advanced form of machine learning that mimics the human brain. This results in a smarter, more scalable and lighter approach to security.

Smarter: Deep Learning processes complex data and relationships through multiple layers, allowing it to uncover results traditional learning can’t.

More Scalable: Deep Learning effectively scales to millions of samples. Massive amounts of data can be memorized and learned over time.

Lighter: Deep Learning has highly compressed results versus traditional machine learning, resulting in a near zero impact on performance.

Bring the power of Deep Learning and the best possible protection to your customers with the newly released Intercept X and Central Endpoint Advanced combined sku!

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