Improve the Performance, Scalability and Reliability of Applications!

It’s no surprise that traffic volumes are increasing and applications are becoming more complex. Two of the most crucial requirements for any online service provider are availability and redundancy. If even a single component fails or becomes overwhelmed, the server is overloaded and unfortunately, everyone suffers. Deciding to implement a load balancing solution before unexpected events happen could be the best course of action to take to reduce infrastructure-related costs, while optimizing the resilience of the entire environment.

edgeNEXUS load balancers improve the performance, scalability and reliability of applications for a superb end user experience. Just some of the features that edgeNEXUS has are:

  • Pre-Authentication
  • Web Application Firewall
  • Automatic Configuration
  • Intelligent Traffic Management
  • Advanced Server Health Monitoring
  • Reporting

For many of us, we rely on web services to be available at all hours of the day. When dealing with high traffic web applications, load balancing is vital for maintaining the reliability and availability of a service. edgeNEXUS load balancer is a feature-rich, yet cost-effective, giving you the comprehensive tool-set you need to overcome real-world application delivery challenges. Resilience, Acceleration, Scalability and Control are just a few benefits of why you should make the move to edgeNEXUS!

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