10 Ways to Improve Security Compliance with Data Privacy Regulations

GDPR Flexera

Rapid technology advances have brought new challenges for the protection of personal data. Every organization must have a comprehensive approach to privacy management and document how they collect, process, and store personal data. But too many companies still fall down on the security fundamentals. New regulations make the cost of failure far greater than it has ever been. If these regulations feel like a burden, look at them as an opportunity to employ basic security measures that may be missing.

  1. Maintain an Accurate Inventory of Your Software Assets
  2. Know What Open Source Software (OSS) is Used in Your Internally Developed Apps
  3. Be Vigilant About Tracking and Responding to Alerts on Your Software Assets
  4. Run Vulnerability Assessment Against All systems Frequently
  5. Prioritize and Remediate the Most Critical Vulnerabilities First
  6. Remove Local Administrator Rights from Employee Devices
  7. Enforce Corporate Policies Using an Enterprise App Store
  8. Only Deploy New Software that is Free From Known Vulnerabilities
  9. Share Data Between Systems and Collaborate
  10. Uninstall Software that is End Of Life (EOL) — Before the Vendor Stops Support


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