PlateSpin Migration Factory Partner Enablement Training

Micro Focus will be sponsoring an in person training on PlateSpin Migration Factory, Thursday June 21st into Friday June 22nd!  Don’t miss this amazing opportunity.  Only 40 seats are available so register while you can!  Details are below.

MF Training 6.21

To optimize their IT infrastructure, enterprises often undertake big projects that move large numbers of server workloads from one platform or data center to another, or to the cloud. In many cases, these enterprises will get help from partners or systems integrators to help them complete the most complex projects on time and within budget.

PlateSpin® Migration Factory automates and integrates the planning, execution, and management of large-scale cloud and data center migration projects, at lowest cost and risk.

During our 2-day training, students learn all aspects of migrating workloads. Using a mix of lecture and hands-on labs, the instructor guides the students through the product installation. After successfully installing all server and client components, the students immediately dive into discovery of Windows and Linux workloads and target platforms. They then learn how to perform various types of migrations, with a strong focus on large-scale migration projects or cloud migration projects where service downtime has to be reduced to an absolute minimum.

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