Welcome to the New DataCore: 3 Need-to-Know Facts

DataCore has refreshed their image, refreshed their strategy, and refreshed their messaging!

New DataCore, New Brand, New Website

DataCore has launched a new identity. And in this case, the art of rebranding includes a new logo, new colors and an updated visual style. But from a more in-depth definition, this new identity is modern and progressive, yet conveys a stable and reliable company.

While it is a new logo, this logo mark builds on their legacy – but, also communicates movement and simplicity.

Last, but not least, stop by their new website before you go as well. It not only reflects DataCore’s new identity, but it conveys they are a modern company.

Focused Marketing Message

With DataCore’s new identity, comes a refreshed marketing message.

Recognizing the importance of data for any business, DataCore is embracing the concept of Real-Time Data as the value they bring to organizations. Real-Time Data means data is always available, it is everywhere, it is immediate. It empowers businesses to react faster than ever, make decisions faster, and provide customers with crucial data immediately. Real-Time Data is the category that includes their market-leading Software-defined Software solution and their new MaxParallel workload optimization product, as well as future offerings they may develop.

New Leadership: Executive Team Expands to Capitalize on Real-Time Data Market

If you’ve got a new website and new marketing message down, then what left does it take to rebrand a fast growing tech company like DataCore? An expansion to the executive team maybe?

In a recently issued press release, DataCore announced three changes to their executive leadership they have made in the past few months: George Teixeira becoming chairman for the company, Dave Zabrowski as their CEO and Gerardo A. Dada as CMO.   These are just some of the improvements DataCore has made over the past few months to strengthen their ability to help their valuable partners!

In 2018, Lifeboat, DataCore and our mutual partners look forward to making it our best year working together.

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