Unitrends Targets Veeam with VM Backup Solution

Unitrends has introduced a new product targeted specifically at Veeam’s market, VM Backup Essentials (vBE). It’s available now in a 6-socket version appropriate for SMBs and departments within enterprises, and is priced significantly below Veeam. They are also working on a more robust version of vBE with unlimited capacity and it’s scheduled to be available later this quarter.

Paul Brady, Unitrends’ CEO, said that their offering is focused on customer pain points, and is very much oriented towards the VM administrator. Many Veeam customers may now feel abandoned as Veeam is more focused on enterprise and Unitrends has just the solution for them! This isn’t new for Unitrends, but it is the first time they have created a product which they see as a definite Veeam-killer.

Pricing is aggressive, at $105 per socket per year, and is an important part of the value proposition, but Unitrends is emphasizing that this isn’t just a price play. They wanted to make the pricing very attractive to take advantage of the high costs Veeam has. It’s a good price for Unitrends, and they can make a profit on it, but its also a fair price for the customer.

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