Have You Heard? Infragistics Ultimate 18.1 Has Arrived!

Infragistics semi-annual release of their Infragistics Ultimate 18.1 development suite is HERE, and it is loaded with features that are modernizing user experience and UI tooling. With optimization and performance in mind, they’ve included updates to their .NET, JavaScript, and HTML5 data grids and chart components, user-friendly functionalities for their Angular data grid, and robust Microsoft Excel-style spreadsheet solutions for .NET and JavaScript.

Fastest Angular Grid and Angular Charts:

With 18.1, you’ll benefit from the market-leading performance you’ve come to expect from Infragistics in both their Angular Data Grid and our Angular Chart.  The grid benefits from both column and row based virtualization, giving you desktop-like scrolling performance for any number of rows or columns in the Grid. In the Angular Chart, they’ve optimized their canvas-based chart renderer for Angular, giving you multi-million data point renders in millisecond timeframes – all with smooth zooming & panning with the mouse or touch on mobile devices.  Experience this awesome performance yourself in the Angular Grid   and Angular Chart samples!

Along with the great performance, you’ll also appreciate all of the new features they’ve added to the grid as well, including Column & Row virtualization, Paging, Column level support for Filtering, Sorting, Summaries, Pinning, Hiding, Resizing, grid level Filtering, Row Selection / Select All, Export to Excel (XLSX, CSV, TSV), and a whole lot more!

 Check out the What’s New Blog to learn about all of the new features and capabilities in 18.1 for Angular.

 Interactive, Real-Time Financial Charting:

The new Financial Chart control for WPF, JavaScript and Angular gives developers a complete financial analysis charting tool with single line of code.  A built-in toolbar gives one-click access to Bollinger Bands and Price Channel overlays, over 25 built-in Financial Indicators, over a dozen Trend Line options, multiple Chart Types & Volume Indicators – all preset in a convenient toolbar with built in time-based filtering. 

To learn more about the charts, head over to either of our What’s New Blogs for Ignite UI  and Ultimate UI for WPF.

 Excel and Spreadsheet Solutions for .NET and JavaScript:

With extensive updates to their Excel Library component, now with over 300 supported Excel functions, support for conditional formatting, table sorting & filtering and Worksheet sorting & filtering, you can manipulate your Microsoft Excel data without ever needing Microsoft Excel installed on your desktop or server!  With these improvements, they’ve added new interaction menus and custom dialogs to the JavaScript Spreadsheet & WPF Spreadsheet controls.  You can now interactively Filter, Sort, Format Cells, add Conditional Formatting and more with built-in menus on the Spreadsheet.

Take a look at our What’s New for Ultimate UI for Windows Forms, Ignite UI, and Ultimate UI for WPF to read about updates to the Excel Library & Spreadsheet controls.  

Lifeboat is excited about this release so please reach out to your Lifeboat sales rep (or sales@lifeboatdistribution.com) today for more information!

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