How To Protect Organizations From CryptoJacking

If you thought Ransomware attacks were popular, be prepared to see an uptick in emerging cybercrime with Cryptojacking.

Is this another security scare or is it here for stay?  The answer: Cryptojacking is here to stay.

Cryptojacking is a high-reward and low-risk cybercrime, at least compared to other types of attacks, which is something that criminals love.  All organizations running unpatched or outdated software on their infrastructure are under a serious risk of being targeted.

To keep data centers from falling victim to highly advanced cryptojacking threats such as WannaMine, Bitdefender offers a powerful prevention technology – Hypervisor Introspection, uniquely capable of defending against zero day vulnerabilities and advanced threats, whether their purpose is to plant cyberespionage malware or deliver cryptocurrency mining software.

It’s important to prevent and detect cryptojacking file-based and fileless attacks during various stages of the attack lifecycle, both inside the data center and on endpoints. Bitdefender GravityZone Elite provides layered next-generation security that greatly helps doing this, while memory protection technology can detect any exploit-enabled delivery mechanisms looking to distribute cryptomining software onto endpoints.

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