Achieve Visibility, Prioritize Efforts and Remediate Vulnerabilities with Flexera

Adminstudio 2018 – Watch this “What’s New” webinar to learn about:

  • App Risk Module your first line of defense against application vulnerabilities. Automated scanning identifies vulnerabilities in your application portfolio
  • Automatic Virtualization for compatibility testing, conversion, validation, editing, and management reporting to ensure a faster and more reliable deployment
  • Mac Application Management to automatically assess and report best practices and risk across all Mac applications
  • Mobile Application Management to quickly scan mobile applications, understand app behavior & configuration and identify security risks
  • New, modern User Interface (UI) simplifies everyday Application Readiness tasks with a look-and-feel that’s easy to use. You asked for it and we delivered
  • Ability to assess the impact of Java dependencies within the application portfolio, including end-of-life reporting
  • PowerShell App Deployment Toolkit improves productivity by optimizing the consistency of branding and wrapping Microsoft Installers (MSI) and Executables (EXE)

MSIX – What is it and what is Flexera doing with it. (AdminStudio)

Software Vulnerability Management

In 2017 there were nearly 20,000 vulnerabilities disclosed. 86% of those had a security update available to mitigate it right away. But it’s up to you to find out about such security updates and patch them quickly. But how quickly? Why is gaining control of patching such a challenge?

SVM blog on how Flexera’s solution can help organizations –

With vulnerabilities continuously on the rise reaching all new record highs, the struggle to keep risk is more complicated than ever.

The best way to fix these vulnerabilities is to prioritize them.  That’s where Flexera comes in.  Flexera’s technology on their Software Vulnerability Management tool helps achieve visibility, prioritizes efforts and remediates vulnerabilities faster and without operational overhead.

SW vulnerabilities going up YoY- –

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