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Are your clients wasting and bogging down their internet connections with non-critical applications?  Dealing with issues where their network is causing VOIP issues and they either don’t know why or aren’t sure how to fix it?

Here’s how CloudGenix—the leading SD-WAN disruptor—can help:

First, CloudGenix monitors the health and performance of not only your customer’s WAN links, but also their applications.  It measures detailed indicators about more than just bandwidth, latency, packet loss, and reachability.  It also measures quality of their voice and video sessions along with application transaction performance.  It understands how these apps perform on each of their WAN links.

Second, CloudGenix directs traffic to the path that will provide the best performance for that application.  Your customer can pick which links can be used, and CloudGenix will use the best one to give the highest user experience with that application.

Lastly, CloudGenix exposes all of this data about their WANs and applications through a cloud-based portal, giving them the ability to configure global policies from a single pane of glass and glean valuable, actionable insights into what’s happening in their WAN or with their applications.  No more ‘blame the network’ – with CloudGenix, you can see exactly what’s happening and determine the root cause of WAN issues.

It is not heavy lifting for CloudGenix. This monitoring and management of your WAN connections is something it can handle in real time to fix problems or prevent them from happening!

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