A C-Level Reporting Tool Made Easy

C-levels need to see clean, clear reports. They don’t have time to scroll through line item by line item trying to make sense of it all. With so much on their plate, the C-Suite has a huge need for condensed reports that provide them with the exact data they need.

What is a C-Level Executive?

C-levels are the highest-level of executives in senior management at an organization. Most of the time, they have titles beginning with chief – such as Chief Executive Officer, Chief Financial Officer or Chef Technical Officer, etc.

What is an IT Infrastructure Report?

An IT Infrastructure Report is used to monitor the current state of your IT infrastructure. These reports will give you visibility into what is running, what is not and where you need to start paying some attention.

The C-Suite benefits from Paessler’s PRTG reporting tool because it gives them the data they require, minus the “fluff.”

For example:

  • Status of all devices and applications at a glance.
  • Create individual graphical maps.
  • All server features at a glance.

Creating a C-Level Report with PRTG

An IT Infrastructure Report is a report that is comprised of only the data that the C-level will need about company infrastructure. What does this mean? C-Level reports do not necessary mean in depth reports (unless requested.) Instead, they need an overview the company infrastructure.

PRTG monitors all systems, devices, traffic and applications of your IT infrastructure. Everything you need is contained in PRTG! To test it out yourself, click here.

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