The Real Reason Data Protection is so Important

Most businesses understand the importance of data protection for digital and IT transformation projects, but they lack the technological provisions to provide good data protection assurance.

In a recent study, International Data Corporation (IDC) found that 90% of organizations do not consider themselves IT-resilient, despite aiming to achieve this goal.

With that being said, only 7% of survey respondents rated their organization as mature in terms of business resilience. Because of this, 49% have suffered an unrecoverable data event in the last three years, and 77% have experienced a hacker attack in the past 12 months.

The State of IT Resilience report further highlights the risks posed by technology-related disruptions. 79% lost money either directly or through paying for additional recovery expertise, while 20% permanently lost customers because of the disruption. [Click here to read more.]

Don’t let your company be part of the statistic. Bitdefender’s GravityZone provides layered next-generation security that helps prevent and detect cryptojacking file-based and fileless attacks during various stages of the attack lifecycle, both inside the data center and on endpoints. Download our Campaign in a Box and gain access to a variety of resources around preventing Fileless Attacks.

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