Bringing Off-The-Charts Creativity Levels with the new PaintShop Pro 2019 Release!

Remaining original and imaginative when sharing images online can be a bit of a challenge for any photographer or content creator. With the new version release of Paint Shop Pro 2019, all of that is about to change for the better, but still remaining subscription-free for easy to manage licenses! In the latest and greatest edition of Corel’s all-in-one photo editor, users can bring their creativity to the next level through specially designed features, performance enhancements, and ease-of-use experience that makes editing your photos better than ever! So want to find out what all the buzz is about with the new version release of PaintShop Pro 2019? Read on to find out Corel’s 5 NEW and 4 ENHANCED features that your creative team will want to leverage to bring their images to the NEXT LEVEL!

5 All NEW Features of Paint Shop Pro 2019:

  1. NEW! AI-Powered Pic-to-Painting: Utilizing Corel’s powerful artificial intelligence technology which analyze a photo to transform it into a work of art that imitates the style of iconic artists. See for yourself!!
  2. NEW! 360° Camera Support: Edit any photo taken with a 360° camera to straighten and rotate the image, instantly remove and replace the tripod using Magic Fill, or create a cool ‘tiny planet’ effect. See for yourself!
  3. NEW! Creative Content Collection: Corel added all-new mediums to their Paint Shop Pro 2019 version including 10 brushes, 10 color palettes, 10 gradients, 10 patterns, and 20+ picture tubes to enhance an image to stand out against the crowd!
  4. NEW! 50+ User-Inspired Updates: Corel has made over 50 performance and feature improvements, based on feedback from their existing community of users that include adding text to cropping, erasing, painting, and working with brushes.
  5. NEW! Seamless Content and Plugin Migration: Easily transfer content from previous versions for a seamless upgrade experience. Previously installed plugins, scripts, brush tips, color palettes, gradients, patterns, textures, and effects will instantly be available in the new 2019 version. See for yourself!!

4 ENHANCED Features in Paint Shop Pro 2019:

  1. ENHANCED! Most-Used Actions: Now automatically apply a series of corrections quicker, rotate or position the crop tool up to 5x faster, enjoy a more subtle Autosave process, Speed boosts improvements to favorite tools like Crop and One-Step Photo Fix, all with fewer interruptions.
  2. ENHANCED! Hardware Support: Improved support for 4K displays and all of the latest mainstream and WinTab-aware graphics tablets, including Windows Ink, so whether drawing, painting, or applying adjustments and effects, a pen can now be used for more stability and control.
  3. ENHANCED! Crop Toolbar: The power of Crop has been extended to include most-used photo enhancement features, including Instant Effects, One-Step Photo Fix, and Depth of Field. See for yourself!!
  4. ENHANCED! UI Customization: Choose Small or Large text from the User Interface menu or increase the text size of the main UI for better visibility to tailor the editing environment for the way you want to work.

Corel has simplified PaintShop Pro to deliver the best possible photo editor there is on the market while enjoying a Simplified User Experience!

Want more information- Contact our Lifeboat Corel Brand Specialist or Try PaintShop Pro 2019 – FREE by Downloading a FREE 30-day trial of PaintShop Pro 2019!

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