Smartbear’s Cross-Browser Testing Tool is HOT on the Market! And Lifeboat Distribution is Certified to Sell!

Smartbear’s complex Cross Browser Testing Tool, also referred to as CBT, is the only tool that SmartBear requires compliance in passing the certification exam prior to selling the CBT tool at this time.

And Lifeboat is certified to sell, as your Value Added Distributor!  So, come seek us out for help! We have you covered!

With Smartbear’s Cross Browser testing tool, your community of developers, engineers, and QA teams can Test More, In Less Time! The Smartbear CBT tool is a cloud-based testing platform which allows this team to test and debug desktop and mobile web applications faster and increase web test coverage. Smartbear can help make the modern web a better experience, by allowing their customers to test across more browsers and devices, in less time. Want to try it out for yourself. Download a free trial to get started!

4 Reasons where Lifeboat exceeds as a Certified CrossBrowserTesting Partner:

  • Competition: Smartbear currently has 14 Partners who have passed the course and can sell CrossBrowserTesting. Lifeboat is in this list, so we are able to help!
  • Value: The certification covers value proposition to how CBT beats the competition- it’s the best in the market!
  • Opportunity: CrossBrowserTesting can make our Partners money! Passing their program enables us to earn more margin for our partners… plus there is a huge demand for CBT!
  • Enablement: We are backed with Smartbear’s “Getting Started with CBT” campaign package. This will include email templates, battle cards and more, so helping sell CBT is going to be turnkey.

Do you have an opportunity for CBT? If so, please reach out to your Lifeboat Sales rep for fast and accurate turnaround!

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