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Over the years, the ever-evolving workload has taken on many shapes and sizes, and the future and possibilities of IT and it’s capabilities are infinite. With virtualization, cloud, edge, IoTs, and the like, the possibilities are truly unimaginable of what’s to come next.  However, with this exciting complexity comes a challenge of maximization within the hybrid environment. Workloads are becoming too complex to do so manually. IT departments are expected to do more, with less resources. Turbonomic workload automation is the answer! As the industry-leading choice for workload automation and optimization in hybrid environments, Turbonomic’s AI-powered platform is your solution to the workload balance challenge. A Turbonomic customer who was interviewed at VMworld says that Turbonomic paid for itself in 4 days. Don’t believe us just yet? Try it for yourself and read along!

How exactly does Turbonomic solve pain points for IT Teams:  

  • Assure Performance: Automatically allocate resources to the workloads that need them the most optimizing performance
  • Maximizes workload Balance: by proactively and continuously allocating resources before degradation occurs
  • Lower Costs: Automatically maximize workload density and resource utilization minimizing infrastructure/cloud cost
  • Ensure Compliance : Automatically place, size, and move workloads while always maintaining compliance with policies
  • Unified platform transforms management of hybrid cloud environments, delivering performance while lowering costs and maintaining compliance
  • Lower costs by matching real-time workload resource demands to available supply on-premises and in the cloud, including Reserved Instances (RI).
  • Easy deployment – setup in less than 30 minutes. Get workload placement, scaling, and provisioning decisions in an hour 

What is the cost savings impact that Turbonomic users are having in their environment?   

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87% of Turbonomic’s customer base increased utilization by more than 20%. And, over 20% of their customer base saw an increase in resource utilization of over 60%. That means doubled headroom, deferred capex, and lower capex run rates in growing environments.

To quantify that in real savings, smaller organizations, such as a local city government, church organization or community college – who may be running a 10 host environment, a 20% increase would result in $18k of savings (assuming a conservative $9k per sever).

For many of their larger customers, such as a national insurance company, a managed service provider or a university – running a 200 host environment, a 20% increase in utilization would result in $360k of savings!

On average customers save much more. Once you factor in packaged license application savings, improved staff productivity and performance assurance it’s easy to understand why customers see value in deploying Turbonomic.

Turbonomic delivers Workload Automation for Hybrid Cloud environments by simultaneously optimizing performance, cost, and policy compliance in real-time. It assures workload performance by giving workloads the resources they need when they need them. Try it for yourself! Do you think you might have an opportunity? Let Lifeboat Distribution’s Sales Team Help you navigate Turbonomic’s Partner Program. We are looking forward to hearing from you!



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