[On- Demand Webinar] How to Choose the Perfect Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) Solution

What should you consider before choosing an EDR solution? During this free webinar, Bitdefender dives into how to effectively choose a solution that will detect and respond to advanced sophisticated attacks.

The global economy is increasingly dependent on IT systems, and organizations around the world are changing the way they think about endpoint security. Traditional strategies for endpoint security are made obsolete by broad industry trends, such as widespread adoption of cloud-based resources, increased employee mobility, newer developments on traditional and mobile operating systems, and the rise of more advanced adversaries.

Join the webinar session delivered by 451 research and Bitdefender to learn all about:

  • Why you need a Detection and Response solution
  • How an EDR solution can enable you to close the security gap
  • What you should consider when choosing an EDR solution
  • How integrated EPP-EDR streamlines your security operations
  • How easy-to-use EDR helps your organization cope with a security skills gap

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