Acronis Active Protection, and Why Your Customers NEED It!

How well is your customer’s companies’ data protected? Likely, not enough! 62% of IT Professionals from around the world reported gaps within their security infrastructure that would allow attackers to breach.

However, staying on top of these gaps manually is no longer manageable. Artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), as well as other new technology breakthroughs are now necessary to detect and understand these threats.  Innovations such as AI offer an opportunity to stay ahead of external cyber criminals and the ever-evolving methods they use to corrupt these companies’ priceless data.

Regularly backing up systems, applications, and files remain the best way to limit business interruptions and enable more dependable disaster recovery. Nevertheless, modern cyber criminals are adapting to these defenses. Today, many malware attacks, particularly ransomware, target backup files, backup software, and backup agents in order to eliminate the ability to recover your systems without having to pay the ransom. To protect companies’ data, they need a modern, proactive data protection solution that is designed with modern risks in mind – one that targets the biggest threats across their entire data environment to protect both the original and backup files.

That’s where Acronis Active Protection steps in! Active Protection technology is included in all of Acronis’ backup solutions for both home and business users and uses AI and ML modeling to recognize and halt ransomware attacks in real time.

Machine learning models are generated in Acronis’ dedicated cloud AI infrastructure by analyzing hundreds of thousands of computer processes – both legitimate and malicious. Those models are then incorporated into Acronis Active Protection, which monitors your system in real time, analyzing the behaviors of every process in order to detect unusual activities, such as unauthorized encryption. When a suspicious process is identified, Acronis’ technology stops the attack and immediately notifies users or IT administrators – saving time and simplifying their response.

Solutions that only search for known strains of ransomware can only protect these systems against a small portion of attacks. It leaves your customer’s business data vulnerable to never-before-seen ransomware attacks. Because of its continuous data analysis, Acronis Active Protection recognizes new threats before industry experts have even identified and developed defensive systems for them. Acronis’ ML model defines threats through system behaviors, not code. This difference helps Acronis detect and recognize processes that are abnormal, all in real-time. This model is applied to all devices, systems, and backup files to keep criminals from disrupting the Acronis application, the backup file content, and the Master Boot Record on Windows-based computers.

Acronis Active Protection easily reduces the time and effort required to investigate a security risk by Automating Recovery and Managing the Defense. It is able to instantly notify users that an attack was launched and provide options for instant responses. The solution can also minimize false positive alerts, stopping attacks before damage occurs, and automating tasks for investigating and responding to attacks.

While those models are frequently updated, administrators also further reduce false positives with an intuitive and easy-to-use whitelist. Programs that are supposed to perform certain actions can be added to the whitelist so they can operate normally, without being falsely flagged as ransomware.

In terms of automating the response to attacks, Acronis Active Protection is always ready. If any files are altered or damaged during an attack, Acronis’ defense automatically restores the file by retrieving a clean copy from the backup files. For IT administrators, this streamlined automation featured in Acronis’ integrated defense means their system can be back to operating as normal before anyone else in the organization even realizes there was an attack.

So as cyber criminals are constantly adapting their methods of attack to infiltrate modern defense systems while advancing their techniques, new, innovative solutions will be needed to reliably counteract them. Acronis Active Protection, found in all Acronis backup solutions, uses cutting-edge AI and ML technologies to actively detect and defend against these threats – before they can threaten your data. Problem Solved.

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