Bitdefender GravityZone Ultra Just Got Even Better!

Prevent. Detect. Investigate. Respond. Evolve. All in one solution. Layered next-generation endpoint security now with EDR.

The increase in cloud adoption has significantly impacted the way organizations think about security, in the sense that threat visibility into infrastructures has become mandatory considering how the threat landscape has evolved. Starting from the premise that threat actors can and will breach infrastructures, organizations need to begin focusing on detecting and responding to these breaches as swiftly as possible to restore affected environments, ensure business continuity, and stay compliant with new regulations.

GravityZone Ultra integrates layered next-gen endpoint protection and easy-to-use EDR platform to accurately protect enterprises against even the most elusive cyber threats.

It offers prevention, automated detection, investigation and response tools so enterprise customers can protect their digital assets and respond to these threats.

 GravityZone Ultra Features & Benefits:

  • Attack surface reduction – Via firewall, application control, content control and patch management.
  • Data protection — Via full disk encryption add-on module.
  • Pre-execution detection and eradication of malware — Via tunable machine learning, real-time process inspection and sandbox analysis.
  • Automated detection — Behavior-based on-execution detection mechanisms enable immediate and automatic actions against detected threats.
  • Easy investigation and in-place remediation — Incident visualization and effective incident response workflows reduce the resources and skill requirements​.
  • IOC lookup — Proactive threat identification through historical search for indicators of compromise in the endpoint environment.
  • Better-than-before security posture — Provides threat intelligence for policy adjustments and vulnerability patching to help improve the security posture.

The result is seamless threat prevention, in-depth visibility, accurate incident detection and smart response to minimize exposure to infection and stop breaches.

Looking to prevent against these attacks? Contact us today to learn what you can do!

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