GFI Discount Structure Change

GFI is modifying their pricing to more accurately reflect the market value of the benefits users receive from their GFI products and to make room for some great new additions and features coming your way. The pricing change will not affect your current payment schedule and business will operate as usual. As a current GFI Software customer, we want to keep you informed about the price changes. Most resellers will notice a 5% increase in standard GFI and Kerio licensing purchases on both new and renewals.

The margins will remain unchanged on the new GFI Unlimited Product Line.

Lifeboat Distribution has 2 highly qualified GFI Brand Sales Specialists on staff to assist you with your potential GFI needs. They are available for client calls, assisting in setting up demos and providing guidance in how to get he absolute most out of your time and investment in GFI Software including potential migration to GFI Unlimited.

Please allow these resources to assist you in analyzing the best solutions at the best price for you and your valued customers. The GFI Unlimited plan provides access to the entire library of products within the GFI Unlimited portfolio with just one reasonably priced subscription.

Have any questions or concerns? Reach out to and we’ll get back to you quickly :).

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