How Much of a Document Tool Do Companies Need?

PDF is the de-facto standard for documents nowadays. But are companies willing to give their employees the PDF tools they need? According to AIIM research, only 39 % of organizations have dedicated solutions for PDF tasks, most of them are using a costly Adobe solution. How do the rest collaborate on PDF workflows? How do they comment, share, edit and sign PDFs? Some considerable investment is needed in order to include all knowledge workers in the PDF loop and equip them for the digital transformation era. ABBYY FineReader could be the right tool for many of them.

Approximately one third of all PDF documents are not searchable or editable, they are simply pictures or scans put into a PDF wrapper. To make them useful in digital workflows, one has to convert them to readable text using optical character recognition (OCR). Therefore, a complete PDF solution should ideally bring along robust OCR capabilities – like FineReader.

Another segment of the document trade are contracts. After invoice management and records management this is the field in which document solutions are evolving the fastest (AIIM). Companies see the benefit of digital transformation in digitizing the often painful process of contract negotiations. Wouldn’t it be useful, if in the end you could compare resulting versions of the document (even in different formats) automatically – without going through them line by line. For this purpose, FineReader offers a comfortable comparison tool.

Recently the demand for smart PDF solutions became apparent with GDPR, the European data protection law. The full adaption to GDPR is still ongoing and investments are still being made to fully comply. A lot of personal information can be hidden within PDF documents. Under GDPR each and every customer has the right to request access or removal of their personal data, but in order to provide this companies need to be able to find this data to begin with. For PDF documents it definitely helps when all documents are searchable (OCR), even better, when the PDF solution you are using offers tools for redaction and thus final deletion from the document. Additionally, one must not forget that sensitive information can be “hidden” in comments and metadata, which have to be cleaned up accordingly. Again, FineReader has the right toolbox.

Until every knowledge worker has the necessary PDF tools at his fingertips, there are still a few steps to go, and a considerable amount of PDF solutions to sell. Whether in government, banking, insurance, legal or other industries– the demand for document solutions is huge.

Are you interested in learning more about FineReader, please reach out to Lifeboats ABBYY Brand Specialist, Jaclyn Coeyman for more information or to set up your complimentary demo.

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