Got Remote Support? Check out TeamViewer! Supporting iOS, Windows, LINUX, Android and more!

Do you want to learn how you can help your customers provide easy and fast remote support,  share their desktops directly from their own tickets and CRM Systems, all while reducing associated travel costs? TeamViewer is the answer! TeamViewer is ranked the #1 remote desktop solution in the industry! Read on to learn more!

Whether it’s with existing help desk systems, CRM systems, email applications, web services, or remote monitoring, the TeamViewer API serves as a flexible and adjustable interface.  Your customers will also have the option to utilize prebuilt apps and scripts, or they even have the flexibility to develop their own custom solutions! TeamViewer integrations enables your customers to combine multiple steps and optimize their processes, saving them priceless time and money while increasing productivity. With TeamViewer, you can have remote desktop access, remote support and online meetings- Anywhere, Anytime.

Another one of TeamViewer’s benefits is that it can also be incorporated into enterprise mobility management. Your customers can now conveniently screen share within SDK for Android. Also, did you know that Teamviewer was the first ever iOS Screen Sharing remote support solution on the market! With Teamviewer spearheading the iOS solution, IT technicians can now view remote iPhones and iPads in real-time, resulting in improved end-user experience, and faster, more efficient, and more accurate troubleshooting.

 With Teamviewer, your customers can:

  •  Work centrally from a single location
  • No more switching between applications
  • Simplify and automate process steps
  • Make custom adjustments using the TeamViewer API

If you want to learn more, contact and let us help you! We can’t wait to hear from you!

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