Is Your Backup and DR Solution Costing Too Much?

Every few years, you get the job of reviewing your backup and disaster recovery strategy. Sure, you could just renew your current contract, but when is the last time you took a hard look at ALL the costs related to backup and continuity?

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Unitrends Breaks Down the Costs

So, how do you go about replacing your software? Rip out what you currently have in place and insert the new software, right? Wrong. Unfortunately, it’s just not that easy.

As you may know, there are many vendors in the backup space:

  1. Backup server
  2. Backup storage
  3. Maybe a hypervisor
  4. Operating system
  5. Security
  6. Backup software

This means that there are potentially SIX vendors and products with different support contracts, varying levels of quality, and every one of them requires regular management and maintenance. The number of products and components to manage and maintain is directly proportional to your management cost.

Imagine that burden being multiplied – not by 2X or 3X – but by 8X or more! This is what some “modern” backup software vendors require in a real production deployment.

So, what is the key to evaluating the cost of your backup solution? Include the infrastructure and management costs of every server and software component in the solution.

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The Answer? All-in-One Hybrid Cloud Backup Appliances

All-in-One backup appliances solve this Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) nightmare. They integrate server, storage, hypervisor, operating system, security, backup and replication, monitoring, reporting, analytics, search, and WAN acceleration into a single, scalable instance. The appliance – and all its components – are pre-integrated before they ship to you, giving you a simple rack, connect and go deployment.  Best of all, all solution components are managed and maintained from one user interface!

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To read the full article, along with vendor examples, click here.

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