IoT Trends: Innovating the Way We Live

In technology, “disruption” is typically good—it pushes the boundaries of what’s possible, drives continuous innovation, and opens new opportunities to improve lives. For example, imagine tomorrow’s smart city that, through optimized traffic patterning and quicker parking, saves you 125 hours per year (that’s 3 work weeks) battling the morning and evening commute.

Or environmental sensors that inform households (or entire cities) about atmospheric dust or pollution levels, vastly benefiting at-risk people—for example, those with compromised respiratory systems.

In this 12-minute talk, industry thought leader Sameer Sharma discusses the disruptive power of IoT, including:

  • Current and future trends to keep in your sights
  • Where IoT is heading and its implications
  • What developers should consider to take advantage of these boundless opportunities

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