[On-Demand] Webinars for Quest Partners

What’s New with KACE SDA 6.1

Find out about the latest updates to Quest KACE Systems Deployment Appliance (SDA) 6.1. Register Here to View the Recording!

  • Ability to migrate from SDA to another SDA (same version
  • Enhance Network Interface Settings and Configuration
  • Support 10 Gigabit Network Ethernet Adapter
  • Various Support/Usability Enhancements
  • Priority Defects & Security fixes (CVEs)

Tech2Tech Talks: KACE Cloud Mobile Device Management

Learn more about the flexibility and power of KACE Cloud Mobile Device Management (MDM). Find out how you can perform functions such as email configurations, license management, KACE Systems Management integration and much more quickly and easily. Register Here to View the Recording!

  • Enrollment
  • Applications
  • Email configuration
  • License Management
  • KACE Systems Management Integration

For any questions, please reach out to Jay.Cittadino@lifeboatdistribution.com.


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