And the Gartner Peer Insights Customers’ Choice Award goes to….. ACRONIS!

This year, Acronis was selected as the 2018 Gartner Peer Insights Customers’ Choice Award for Data Center Backup and Recovery products!  This category was originated in 2015, and has evolved during the past three years to include what Gartner claims is over 100,000 end-user reviews in more than 300 individual product categories. What differentiates this Gartner recognition from their Magic Quadrant and Critical Capabilities, is that the Peer Insights Customers’ Choices are based solely on the evaluation of a product’s quality, excellence, and merit by the consumers who are actively using the solution. Gartner further evaluates the validity of these testimonials and scores by authenticating each submission – confirming the legitimacy of the reviewer and verifying they in fact have a licensed product. With actual product users submitting enough reputable testimonials and scores, Acronis was able to earn this reputable award ranking for Data Center Backup and Recovery products.*

Making this year’s recognition even more significant than years past, is the results were created from a short list of preferred vendors that was based product user assessments, as opposed to vendors selected by Gartner analysts. Therefore, the recognition was not accompanied by Magic Quadrant and Critical Capabilities reports for Backup and Recovery, but by their actual product users, making it even more noteworthy that Acronis, who was not covered in previous backup Magic Quadrants, was among the seven vendors recognized as a Customers Choice.

What makes Acronis stand out from the rest?

Although Acronis clearly excels in traditional backup functionality, it has been able to evolve amongst the ever-changing needs of its users, spanning across hybrid clouds, protecting data against ransomware, external cyberattacks, and ensuring data integrity. Acronis maintains an “always-on” approach and operate under the requirements of today’s digital business environment demands, enabling organizations to preventprotectdetect and respond to any internal and external threats that will without a doubt take place. Should the Data Center Backup and Recovery product category requirements ever change, without a doubt Acronis will be one step ahead of the curve. Keep an out and Congrats Acronis!

Interested in becoming an Acronis end user? Reach out to Lifeboat Distribution!


*The seven vendors that receive the greatest number of approved evaluations (a minimum number of 50 is required) and highest merit score ratings receive this recognition. (A full list of the criteria used in determining the recipients of Customers’ Choice awards can be seen here.)

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