Ten Great Reasons to Upgrade to Actian Zen

Every day you rely on an Actian (formerly Pervasive) data management product to power the success of your business-critical applications. This complete data management solution has provided you with performance at a low total cost of ownership in a powerful, secure, and scalable engine.

And now Actian is proud to offer the next generation of their flagship solution, the Actian Zen database family.

Actian Zen Enterprise for Windows, 64-bit Linux, and OS X and Actian Zen Workgroup for 32-bit Windows inherit all the key features you’ve come to depend on, including Zero-DBA, ability to embed or bundle, nano-footprint, and SQL and NoSQL data access. You can upgrade to Actian Zen Enterprise today and ensure your success tomorrow with these new features.

10 reasons in a Nutshell

  1. Windows 10 migration by 2020
  2. Actian Zen Core for Android and IOS
  3. Improved SQL performance
  4. Simplified license management
  5. Support for the latest programming languages through Btrieve 2 API
  6. Community editions for developers and PoCs
  7. Client Reporting Engine
  8. Live VM migration support for all prior editions and Docker support
  9. Online defragmentation
  10. Unicode support

Need More Reasons?

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