Event Recap: All About the StorageCraft, Komprise and Sophos Solution


StorageCraft, Komprise and Sophos came together for a private event at Spaces in the Microsoft Building in Alpharetta, Georgia, yesterday to showcase the solution sell that is taking over the world!

If you’re interested in learning how StorageCraft, Komprise and Sophos work together- we have the perfect opportunity for you!

Combining the StorageCraft OneXafe converged data platform and the Komprise cloud
integration component while using Sophos security solutions you’re guaranteed to have all your data protected with an easy to use, configurable solution while trusting your data is being moved to the cloud, and secured in the cloud or across hybrid environments. With this cost effective solution, StorageCraft, Komprise and Sophos come together to ensure processes are transparent to users and data is managed and safe.

Special thanks to the Bocado Burger, Rumi’s Kitchen and Antico Pizza for the delicious dinner assortment.

And a BIG congratulations to Shawn Brown from Snap Tech IT,  the winner of the grand prize giveaway!

Interested in adding one of the three vendors to your portfolio? The Lifeboat team would be happy to help! Reach out at anytime to learn how Storagecraft, Komprise and Sophos can be your next best solution sell! Contact us today.

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