Lifeboat to Distribute Macrium Software

 Lifeboat Distribution has expanded their relationship with Macrium Software to now sell in the America’s and Europe. Lifeboat will sell Macrium Software’s portfolio of systems and data protection solutions for customers of all sizes. Macrium Reflect 7.2, with advanced image-based backup and DR Technologies, is used by millions of users worldwide as the trusted endpoint backup solution for home and business. Combined with the Macrium Site Manager and multi-site administration frameworks, the Macrium Software solutions portfolio is fast carving out a significant position in this rapidly changing and competitive market segment.

Macrium Reflect is image based backup and cloning software. Macrium Reflect creates an accurate and reliable image of a hard disk or the divisions on the disk. In the event of a partial or complete system loss, you can use this image to restore the entire disk, one or more divisions, or even individual files and folders.



Using Macrium Reflect you can backup whole compartments or specific files and folders into a single compressed, mountable archive file. You can use this archive to restore exact images of the compartments on a hard disk so that you easily upgrade your hard disk or recover your system if it breaks. You can also mount images as a virtual drive in the Windows Explorer to easily recover files and folders using Copy and Paste.

For more information reach out to  or reach out to us by phone at +1-800-847-7978 (US) or +1-888-523-7777 (Canada).

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