What’s New in Winzip version 23?

Everyone has files to manage, am I right? Well, you are in luck because with the latest release of Winzip, version 23, users are able to Quickly and easily zip, protect, share and manage all of their files utilizing the world’s #1 zip utility.


 1. Set Expiration Dates for Files and Folders

Don’t let old files clutter your storage. Now your local and network files and folders, including Zip files can be scheduled for deletion. From “Expire Files”, pick the files and folders you want to schedule, specify the number of days before expiration, and click “Schedule”. WinZip will remove them for you upon expiration. Scheduling cloud files and folders for deletion requires either WinZip Pro or Enterprise.

2. Option to view password entry

Now you can instantly unzip any Zip file in Explorer, or from the WinZip Files Pane, the WinZip Ribbon or File menu. Easily unzip files to the folder that it originated from, your Documents folder, or a folder that you choose!

3. Drag and Drop ‘Add to Zip’ in WinZip’s Files Pane

Easily add files to Zip files displayed in WinZip’s Files pane. Simply drag and drop your files onto a Zip file in the WinZip Files pane and it gets added- just like that!

4. Remove additional EXIF data from files

Stop sharing personal information accidentally. Remove hidden personal data (EXIF) from files before they are shared. Use WinZip to secure any of the following file types to ensure they do not contain hidden personal data: DOC/DOCX, GIF, JPG (JPEG), PDF, PNG, PSD, PPT/PPTX, and XLS/XLSX.

5. View Date taken and Date Modified

Sort your pictures by date taken. When previewing images, you can now view them by date taken or date modified. This helps you distinguish between the date the files were copied and the date the photo was taken.

6. Rename multiple files at once

Don’t rename your files one-by-one. Use WinZip’s “Group Rename” to rename a group of files in a single action.

7. Direct Access Technology for faster display and unzipping

WinZip’s Direct Access Technology provides a noticeable reduction in time to display and unzip large Zip files stored in the cloud.

8. Automate WinZip Express

Name and save your favorite WinZip Express settings and reuse them at a later time. Reuse the settings as often as you wish without having to remember which settings you previously used. WinZip Pro and Enterprise users can also schedule WinZip Express to run automatically using saved settings.

9. Share using Windows Charms

Extend WinZip’s sharing capabilities for Email, Social Media, and Instant Messaging to include using Windows Charms feature. (Windows built-in sharing services).

10. Shorten shared URLs

Don’t let text wrapping in messages break your shared file links. Using the ZipShare service, WinZip can automate the process to optionally shorten URLs to shared files before WinZip inserts the URL into an Instant Message, Social Media message, or Email message.

11. Slide to Hide Files and Action Panes

Tablet and Notebooks users, see more information in the Zip pane. With the new ability to slide the Files pane and Actions pane out of the way, more information can be displayed in the Zip pane.


1. Schedule File and Folder Clean Up using Background Tools

Set your own schedule and execution for WinZip’s background tools. Let them work on your system when you aren’t.

 2.  Manage Files with WinZip’s built-in File Management

WinZip’s File Management features are now easier to understand and more effective. Now, when you are in WinZip’s File Management, the Ribbon buttons and Actions pane buttons focus on file/folder operations.

3. Get a link to My Cloud File

A convenient way to share files stored in the cloud – when “Save link in the clipboard” checkbox is checked in the Save to Cloud dialog, a link to the uploaded (saved) file is placed on the Clipboard. The link can then be pasted into other apps, such as Skype or Word.

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