Real-time Breach Detection Equipped with Complete Visibility

Week after week, month after month, 2018 saw organizations and companies struck by massive and damaging data breaches, putting the public at risk.

So, how can these data breaches be prevented?

Bitdefender Network Traffic Security Analytics is an enterprise security solution that accurately detects breaches and provides insights into advanced attacks by analyzing network traffic. It lets organizations quickly detect and fight sophisticated threats by complementing pre-existing security architecture – network and endpoint – with specialized network-based defense.

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48% of CEOs expect their organization to fall victim to a cyber-attack sooner or later. Additionally, they say that breaches have become a matter of “when,” not “if” and, according to the research, not all CEOs are well prepared to manage such an event.

Why is Real-Time Detection so Important?

  1. Avoid Business Disruption
  • Detects breaches and advanced threats that eluded prevention mechanisms at endpoint or network level.
  • Provides complete visibility and insights into threat-related network activity and endpoint traffic anomalies.
  • Combines cloud threat intelligence, ML and behavior analytics to detect the most sophisticated threats.
  1. Meet Compliance Requirements
  • Identifies abnormal user behavior or insider threats that may lead to corporate policy violations.
  • Enables threat hunting and forensics through access to long-term stored data.
  • Provides fast and easy access to information required by authorities in a 72-hour timeframe after a breach is discovered (GDPR).
  1. Ease of Use, Fast ROI
  • Complementary, easy-to-deploy/easy-to-maintain solution, that delivers immediate results for fast ROI.
  • Integrations with other monitoring systems allow security automation and quick time to response.
  • Covers all endpoints in the network, independent of type or pre-existing security solutions (corporate- or user-managed devices, network elements, BYOD, IoT).


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