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In today’s world, small-to-medium-sized businesses can sometimes find that is it hard for them to stay competitive when they are up against bigger enterprises. The innovative networks, intelligent infrastructures, and unlimited budgets, unfortunately are not always at an SMB’s disposal, as they might be with larger competitors. Luckily, this doesn’t have to hold them back! TeamViewer offers remote access solutions that can help solve some of these disadvantages, allowing SMBs to face the big players head on! Read on for the top 3 problem solvers!


1.Reduce Cost

For some SMB’s, having decreased budgets and less time to work with, system integrations can create challenges which can have a negative effect on small businesses. However, SMB’s don’t have to accept this! With TeamViewer’s remote access software, integrations have never been easier! Whether it be into email, CRM, helpdesk systems, and more, all of these applications will work in perfect synergy. TeamViewer’s best-in-class remote access software will also make it simple to document, analyze, and improve your business processes by collecting valuable data and making connections simpler – improving internal efficiency and reducing waste at a price that is attractive to SMB’s and budget-friendly.


2. Improve Service Levels Agreements

What sets SMB’s apart from the rest is their ability to excel in customer service.  With remote access, SMB’s can take their personalized service to the next level. In doing so, they can decrease time lags in connecting with clients, reduce mistakes and repeated issues, and improve communications, offering the right solution on the first attempt. Remote access lets them connect directly to their customers’ devices to view their screen and take direct control so they can quickly and easily diagnose and fix their problem efficiently. By improving your rate of fixing issues and decreasing a customer’s down time the first time a customer reaches out, this results in nothing less than customer satisfaction – winning the hearts of your clients, one help desk at time!


3. Enable Your Team

Lastly, when it comes to employees in the SMB industry, we all know that they wear many hats, taking on many roles, covering everything from sales to office management, accounting and everything in between. With all of this on their plates, employee burnout and disengagement can happen, and when it does, it negatively effects businesses’ financial, cultural, and productivity efforts.  Remote access tools in TeamViewer can give these flexible SMB employees a healthier work-life balance so that they can efficiently work remotely from anywhere, from any allowed device, giving them everything they need to stay productive on-the-go. And with more and more employers allowing flexible work-from-home schedules, you’re going to want to learn how TeamViewer can help enable this flexible work environment!

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