February Sophos Webinars!

Emotet: Nastier than WannaCry and Harder to Stop

Emotet is truly a threat to be reckoned with. In fact, the US Department for Homeland Security considers Emotet to be among the most costly and destructive threats to US business right now. Not that it limits itself to any one country; its reach is global with infections reported on every continent. Learn how to protect your customers and what to sell to make sure they keep protected against this sophisticated threat.



Meet Avid Secure – Sophos’ Newest Acquisition Tackles Public Cloud Security and Compliance Challenges

The accelerated adoption of public cloud environments is presenting new data security challenges to organizations. Join us to find out how Sophos’ new agentless public cloud security offering uses innovative AI-powered technology to provide organizations with continuous security analytics, visibility and compliance to protect their data.



APX Access Point Management on XG Firewall – What to Consider

Our APX Access Points offer great performance for a wide range of deployment scenarios. This month, we will be introducing management support for APX on XG Firewall, in additional to the cloud-management already available through Sophos Central. Customers can then choose between cloud-managed Wi-Fi in Sophos Central and controller-managed on their XG. But how do you know which is the right choice for your customers? In this session, we’ll look at what to consider when selecting a Wi-Fi management platform and compare our Wireless products, to provide guidance on which product to sell and when.


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