Thycotic Delivers Powerful Capabilities to Protect Privileged Accounts in Large, Diverse Enterprises

Customers Benefit From Enterprise Workflow Support, Advanced Session Recording and Improved Multi-Factor Authentication Options with the YubiKey

Thycotic a provider of privileged access management (PAM) solutions to 10,000 organizations worldwide, today announced Secret Server 10.6, which includes enhancements to its Secret Server solution that increases accountability and agility in dynamic enterprise environments.

Secret Server 10.6 gives organizations unparalleled enterprise workflow support. Companies with advanced security and compliance controls require more granular capabilities around users accessing privileged accounts. Customers can now leverage tiered approval workflows that satisfy complex hierarchy and access control policies, especially for better GDPR compliance.

“Enterprises are increasingly vulnerable to catastrophic cyberattacks as a result of under-secure and ungoverned privileged accounts,” said Jai Dargan, vice president of Product Management at Thycotic. “Attackers are constantly looking to exploit vulnerabilities associated with privileged access. Secret Server 10.6 adds new capabilities and security controls to ensure that companies can reduce their attack surface.”

Advanced session recording is being enhanced within the Secret Server solution. The capability tightens oversight of privileged sessions, particularly important for enterprises with numerous third-party contractors and partners accessing sensitive corporate systems. Customers can now create videos of sessions for review and audit three times faster, using 10 times less bandwidth.

With the release of Secret Server 10.6, Thycotic is proud to join Yubico’s Works with Yukikey program – making it easier for customers to use the Yubikey as a multi-factor authentication solution for accessing privileges secured by Secret Server. Yubico is the leading provider of hardware authentication security keys. By adopting multi-factor authentication, organizations can implement a layered defense against cyberattacks, requiring digital credentials as well as physical devices such as cryptographic tokens to unlock privileged accounts.

“Thycotic and Yubico share the same vision that security should be simple to use, even for diverse organizations with dispersed teams and hundreds of thousands of assets to protect,” said Alex Yakubov, VP Partner Marketing at Yubico. “We’re excited to welcome Thycotic to the Works with Yubico program, and to work together to educate the public about the benefits of strong, hardware-backed multi-factor authentication.”

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