3-2-1! World Backup Day is coming… Are you ready for it?

In honor of World #BackupDay on March 31st, Lifeboat Distribution, along with our top Backup and Recovery vendors, have joined together to remind our reseller partners to help your customers backup their important files.

But first, what is a backup? And what are the best practices in the industry? Backing up data is simply making a copy of important data in a secondary location. A common practice is to follow the 3-2-1 backup rule. The 3-2-1 backup rule is: keep at least three  copies of your data, and store two backup copies on different storage media, with one of them located offsite. Anything from human error, like losing your cell phone or dropping it in water,  to viruses, ransomware or a natural disaster, are all reasons to practice the 3-2-1 rule of backup so you won’t become a statistic. So remember:

  1. Create 3 copies of your data – 1 primary copy and 2 backups
  2. Store 2 copies of your data on different storage media
  3. Keep 1 copy of your data offsite

Would your customers’ business survive if they lost everything? We’ve partnered with our top Backup  and Recovery vendors to provide the best solutions to your customers’ backup solutions needs. Check them all out in one place here. We are showcasing trial versions, demo’s and sales enablement tools to ensure you can provide your customers with the best solutions to make sure their most important data is duplicated and retrievable in the event it is lost! Now it’s time for you to promise us that you will back up your customers’ important files starting… now!

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