Preparing for Q2? Make the most out of the next 3 months with Nuance

Take advantage of discounted Nuance Dragon Professional Individual, v15 for Academic and Government licenses through Lifeboat Distribution

Who is Nuance? Nuance Communications is reinventing the relationship between people and technology. Through its voice and language offerings, the company is creating a more human conversation with the many systems, devices, electronics, apps and services around us. Every day, millions of people and thousands of businesses experience Nuance through intelligent systems that can listen, understand, learn and adapt to your life and your work.

What is Nuance offering? Both Academic & Government- Dragon Professional Individual, v15 at a 20% discount.

Why make the switch?

  1. Faster and more accurate than ever, with next-generation speech recognition technology that continues to adapt to your voice even while you’re dictating.
  2. Create, format and edit by voice quickly and efficiently.
  3. Easily create custom words such as proper names and specific industry terminology.
  4. Create custom voice commands to insert frequently-used text and graphics.
  5. Use a Nuance-approved digital recorder to capture thoughts on the go for later automatic transcription.
  6. Sync customizations with the Dragon Anywhere mobile solution to continue documentation work anywhere you go.
  7. Work easily on popular form factors such as portable touchscreen PCs.
  8. Even easier to get started with enhanced help.

How to get started? Speak with a Lifeboat Sales Representative.

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