Introducing SLA Reporting with the PRTG SLA-Plugin

Continuous monitoring of IT infrastructure is a basic requirement for reliable business processes. Especially when it comes to fulfilling SLAs (Service Level Agreements), it is of crucial importance that the monitoring data is available as granular as possible – ideally in RAW format, i.e. in the original interval. This is the only way to generate meaningful and relevant SLA reports.

It’s All about Availability

Every system failure leads to sales losses and customer complaints. Whether you are monitoring your website, IT infrastructure, services or applications, high availability is essential. In this context, the term “five nines” is often used – the targeted 99.999% is the measure of availability. With PRTG Network Monitor, you keep this ambitious goal in mind.

Meet Your Customer Requirements with the SLA Plug-In from CORP-IT

The PRTG SLA-Plugin from CORP-IT offers you the possibility to define any number of SLAs, to populate them with data and to actively integrate them into your monitoring solution.

The plugin, which is based on the Microsoft SQL Server, retrieves the raw data from PRTG via the API interface and stores them in a relational database system. The stored data is then visualized in predefined reports. In addition, you have the option of creating individual reports with the reporting system of your choice.

By installing the SLA plugin, you gain access to several benefits:

  1. SLA monitoring based on PRTG Network Monitor values
  2. Better transparency about whether you’ve met your customers’ needs.
  3. Detailed availability and downtime reports including root cause analysis
  4. Flexible user interface for creating your preferred SLA monitoring intervals\

With more than 200,000 installations of PRTG, monitoring expert Paessler is global market leader in IT infrastructure monitoring. The PRTG SLA Plugin from CORP-IT visualizes the precise duration of downtime and thus supports error identification and cause analysis!

Interested in Paessler’s SLA Plugin? Get started today!

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