How To: Remotely support your mobile eco-system with TeamViewer and Intune.

Are you looking for a Remote support system for your Remote users, who happen to have a variety of different platforms and devices in their environment? The struggle is real, but it doesn’t have to be! TeamViewer has recently extended its integration with Microsoft Intune to now include remote iOS and macOS device screen sharing, remotely in real-time in the Intune console, which is in addition to their previous support of all other types of PCs and Android devices. How does it work? TeamViewer is pre-installed on managed devices, so no installation is required by end users.  Once the administrator sees the alert, they simply click to approve the request and launch a remote session.*

Now, not only can Intune IT administrators facilitate improved remote support by initiating remote sessions, end users can also open their Intune company portal and easily request and launch the remote assistance.  Both parties will enjoy the convenience of managing and providing remote support for devices from a single interface. This integration is making it easier than ever for IT administrators to remotely access and control ALL types of devices, while users can also simply query remote sessions, no matter what device, platform, or operating system they are using.  The result? Admins are enabled to provide tech support in a consistent way for any platform or device, fixing technical problems for their end users, resolving issues, and saving time and resources- Even faster and easier than before!

Increase Efficiency Gains and Profitability with TeamViewer and Microsoft Intune
Microsoft Intune is a single, unified mobile solution designed to keep your teams productive and your company data safe and secure. The MS Intune and TeamViewer integration enables you to save time and money, reducing your travel costs and increasing your customer satisfaction.  A TeamViewer/ Microsoft Intune integration enables secure remote support for managed devices, directly from the Microsoft Intune dashboard.

  • Provide remote support for Windows 10, MacOS, iOS, and Android devices
  • Protect your data with fully encrypted connections
  • Gain unattended access to managed devices
  • Activate instantly—TeamViewer is automatically installed on Intune-managed devices
  • Share session information via email, using different templates for cases, contacts, accounts, leads, and opportunities
  • Gain insights with individual case and companywide reports, including advanced search and filtering features
  • Enjoy the flexibility of support notifications, so agents can work on multiple remote control cases at once
  • See a demo here:

Hear what Microsoft has to say about this integration:
“TeamViewer is an important partner for enabling remote assistance and collaboration tools for Intune customers,” says Maura Hameroff, Director of Product Marketing, Enterprise  Mobility + Security at Microsoft Corp. “TeamViewer’s access and support of all types of devices enhances our mutual customers’ support capabilities and improves overall user experiences.”

*Licensing Requirement: 

  • A separate license must be purchased for TeamViewer
  • TeamViewer Premium or Corporate Plan Required
  • Existing TeamViewer accounts with an active plan can be integrated

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