Is Your Customers’ Data Fully Protected? Unitrends Defines the Top Features to Look for in a Solution!

Gone are the days of a single data center containing the entire computing infrastructure of an organization. Yesterday, your customers could protect everything with a single backup and recovery solution because it was all located in one location. But today most organizations have servers, storage and apps running locally, remotely, and using several different computing, storage, and SaaS cloud vendors at the same time. So how do your customers protect everything with no gaps and without spending dozens of hours of effort per week? Unitrends!

Your customers have a couple options with respect to building their recovery architecture. Here they are:

  • Select each individual vendor and craft a custom solution. The issue is that they probably don’t have enough time in the day to understand the gaps in coverage, the different management functions, impacts to their network, and different User Interfaces.
  • Invest in a pre-integrated solution with all components designed specifically for the optimization of backup and disaster recovery. You should be looking for an integrated data protection and recovery architecture for your customers.

Recovery Solution Features that Unitrends is Proud to Offer:

  1. Centralized Management

Your customers should be able to manage the entire backup and recovery solution from a single console, on a single device, at a single location. Rather than trust remote employees to follow a complex set of rules and regulations, a single team should be able to perform all protective functions no matter where the assets physically reside, within the firewall or in the cloud (public, private or hybrid).

  1. Single Vendor Support

Your customers should have every element of their data protection solution covered by a single service organization. When one element of their recovery architecture goes down, do they want to spend their time trying to figure out which vendor is responsible and which service organization to call? Some service organizations, such as Unitrends, will also manage the DRaaS infrastructure for them. Such vendors that offer “White Glove Services” will take on the responsibility of set up, testing, maintenance, and disaster failover and recovery so they don’t have to become an expert in public cloud software.

  1. Automated Recovery Testing

Your customers should be able to automatically and regularly test all elements of their recovery architecture with one set of tests for no additional charge. The only way to know if they can recover in an emergency is to test regularly. It’s very important that they schedule time out of their busy schedule to conduct such tests and then deal with any issues that arise.

Additionally, your customers should receive an easy to read, formal report certifying that their disaster recovery solutions have been tested and the results have been documented. The reports should be so good they can be used in compliance audits to prove they have recovery procedures in place, they are regularly tested, and recoveries are delivering the required RPO and RTOs.

  1. Centralize Your DRaaS Strategy

Your customers’ recovery architecture should be supported by optional cloud-based Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service (DRaaS). DRaaS allows organizations to spin up their applications in an independent cloud regardless if the original applications are located in a datacenter or cloud. This is the ultimate level of protection as business-critical applications can be run on remote infrastructure allowing business users to continue doing their jobs even if the cloud or data center is destroyed. Your customers should look for written performance guarantees against publicly committed recovery times. Unitrends delivers the highest confidence in the industry with a Premium DRaaS offer with a 1-hour recovery SLA.


Your customers’ business is at a greater risk of an outage now than ever before. As the volumes of data requiring protection increase and the complexity of data centers grow, the chances of a fast recovery diminish unless they are prepared, equipped, and trained in recovery!

Unitrends offers all the components of a complete recovery architecture. Unitrends Recovery Series hardware appliances, Unitrends Backup software virtual appliances, Spanning Backup for SaaS applications, Unitrends Forever Cloud, and Unitrends DRaaS Services are fully integrated to protect an entire multi-cloud environment with no gaps in coverage or delay in recovery.

Are you ready to put your customers’ challenges of protecting multiple clouds to rest? Click here to learn more.

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