[On-Demand Webinar] Are You Offering Your Customers a Multi-Layered Security Strategy to Protect Endpoints?

Unitrends understands that an effective cyber security strategy doesn’t include just backup, a firewall and virus scanner. Your customers require a multi-layered security strategy, requiring threats to pass through multiple detection and destruction measures to be successful.

This series of webcasts is being offered to reinforce the role backup plays in cyber security, as well as new solutions you can offer to provide a multi-layered defense against the latest cyber security threats to your customer’s business.

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One lucky attendee will win $500 Cash!  Earn 1 raffle ticket for each webinar in the series that you attend. If you attend all 4, get a BONUS 4 tickets.

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[On-Demand Webinar] You Need to Offer a Multilayered Security Strategy to Protect Endpoints

Your clients’ end users expect to be able to customize their own PC and will do so despite rules against it. This makes the organization vulnerable as the employee may open a door for hackers. Learn how you can offer a dedicated endpoint patch management solution that, when combined with an effective backup program can ensure endpoints are fully and consistently protected according to your client’s policies.

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