Speed Up Incident Investigation and Resolution with Network Traffic Security Analytics

The effectiveness of security incident investigation and resolution is key to the success of your customers’ defense efforts. While improving incident investigation and resolution does come with challenges, Bitdefender’s Network Traffic Security Analytics (NTSA) can be the perfect solution!

Bitdefender’s NTSA addresses many challenges and accelerates incident investigation and resolution.

  1. NTSA Improves the Quality of Security Alerts

How many security incidents are too many for your customers to handle? This varies from organization to organization, but the outcome of alert fatigue seems to be the same: around 30% of alerts globally are simply ignored.

These alerts are ignored mainly for 2 reasons:

  • The sheer number of alerts
  • The quality of these alerts

What can you do? The quest to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your customers’ incident investigations must start by improving the quality of alerts and reducing the number of alerts. Most devices in the environment generate some sort of alerts but which ones should take priority? And which ones, if ignored or not investigated promptly, pose the highest risk? Well, alerts generated by Network Traffic Security Analytics solutions are arguably more likely to be quality alerts.

So, does that mean your customers should ignore any other alerts? Absolutely not. But using NTSA reduces the workload and improves the effectiveness of incident investigation. It will not eliminate the problem of alert overload completely but choosing a more reliable signal source can help overcome the challenge of noise.

  1. NTSA Provides Better Correlation Between Alerts

Only 30% of organizations rely on fully automated or mostly automated alert correlation. The other 70% are manually prioritized. Amid the current severe shortage of skilled cyber-security industry workers, this situation doesn’t look good at all.

While other solutions ingest loads of alerts by trying to make sense of them, NTSA solutions work with the initial source: the network traffic. By directly analyzing network traffic and correlating dozens or hundreds of events from the environment, NTSAs can generate a crisp, complete picture of each security incident.

Bitdefender’s Network Traffic Security Analytics uses AI (Artificial Intelligence) and ML (Machine Learning) to analyze network meta-data in real-time. This accurately reveals threat activity and suspicious traffic patterns. Bitdefender NTSA provides your customers with a clear understanding of threat-related network activity using a collection of all network meta-data information.

With flexible deployment options, Bitdefender Network Traffic Security Analytics is a plug-and-play, out-of-band solution, that focuses on outbound traffic and enables analysis over longer periods of time to accurately detect the most sophisticated malware.

Interested in learning how Bitdefender’s Network Traffic Security Analytics can benefit your customers? Contact us today!

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