2019 State of Multicloud and Containers

With the increasing focus on digital applications and services to stay competitive, many organizations are adopting multiple clouds. Are you and your customers prepared for a multicloud world? Turbonomic recently conducted research to examine both the current and future state and drivers of multicloud adoption. The findings point to a multicloud future which centers around clouds competing on services and organizations having the ability to “vote with their feet”. It’s also a future with exponential IT complexity, creating a tipping point that requires a new approach and receptiveness to AI. People are recognizing and valuing their strength as creative problem solvers, over IT resource managers. Check out our webcast to see the research revealed and get your questions answered on:

  • Why Multicloud?
  • How do we get there? (Spoiler alert: Containers!)
  • What are the challenges along the way?

Register to watch the webcast here. Contact Lifeboat today to learn more!

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