Kerio Control Version 9.3

Kerio Control adds high availability/fail-over protection!

GFI Software announced on April 9th that Kerio Control has added high availability and fail-over protection to its award-winning network firewall appliance for small and medium-sized enterprises. To initiate high-availability, customers acquire and install a second, same Kerio Control appliance or virtual machine. Customers will configure that second device as a clone of the first active one. Once configured, the two devices connect through a syncing port and all rules and routing are replicated and kept up-to-date between them.

Without high availability, device failure due to a power surge or other cause often leads network admins to put a simple router in place to re-establish connectivity. With high availability, if a crash or failure occurs the second machine is able to jump into action immediately. Users see no drop of service and more importantly, the organization has no vulnerability exposure.

“This latest release for Kerio Control underlines the GFI commitment to continue developing its portfolio of network, security and communications products for the SMB market,” says Dan Beer, General Manager of GFI Software. “We pride ourselves on delivering right-size solutions for customers like Yachtcomputing. Their clients, who may be at sea hundreds of miles away from tech support, need to know their networks are always up and secure.”

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