Actian Zen database is the best-in-class single, secure, scalable architecture for Edge Data Management

Zero-maintenance, Embedded, Nano-footprint (Zen) – the Actian Zen database family is the most reliable, small-footprint, low-maintenance, high-performance database management system (DBMS) in the world, purpose-built for Edge data management – whether in the Cloud, remote and branch offices or in Mobile and IoT settings.

Additionally, Actian Zen is the perfect solution for software developers and data-driven device manufacturers who want dedicated application data management and deliver business-critical products and services into OT and low IT environments.

Actian Zen delivers a modular, nano footprint solution supporting both SQL and NoSQL access methods. Features such as customizable installation, self-tuning, easy upgrades, seamless backward compatibility, minimal memory requirements and exceptionally low support requirements mean that developers can deliver applications to customers at scale across a wide range of platforms without getting buried by support costs or reliability issues.

Other features continue Actian’s software-focused tradition, including a next generation client cache reporting engine that enables the offloading of high volume reporting functions from production systems. An enhanced C++ API simplifies access to the Actian Zen database’s internals and significantly expands the pool of developers capable of building the next business-critical application on Actian Ze

Overall, it’s important to take incremental steps to improve the economics of your data management, which means you need to squeeze the most value out of it while keeping the management overheads low. Actian applies Zen philosophy so data exist in harmony with an organization using a minimalist footprint.

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