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New: Windows 10 Continuous Compatibility

With AdminStudio 2019, customers now have the capability to check the compatibility of the applications against a specific version of Windows 10, to support Microsoft’s, Windows-As-A-Service (WaaS) and frequent windows operating system updates.

Staying current with the latest versions of Windows 10 is going to be a continuous and routine process for all organizations and AdminStudio will help by providing insights into the applications compatibility issues for a given Windows 10 version, so such applications could be proactively identified and fixed either by repackaging, converting to a compatible format like AppV or MSIX or by using InstallShield if the application needs an advanced fix.

AdminStudio 2019 also has updated reporting to show Windows 10 version specific reports. See below:

Operating System Application Compatibility: This report shows application compatibility for a sample set of applications for each version of Windows 10.

Flexera AdminSTudio blog image

Analyze Summary View for Operating System Compatibility: This report shows application compatibility test results for a sample set of applications against various versions of Windows 10.

Flexera AdminSTudio blog image 2.png

New: MSIX – Automated Batch Conversions

As you may already know, AdminStudio was one of the first to support the MSIX packaging format from Microsoft. AdminStudio 2019 has enhanced the Automated Application Converter (AAC) further to support MSIX batch conversions – which will give MSIX suitability assessment for the packages with statuses of ‘MSIX Conversion not recommended’, ‘Ready’ and ‘Requires Repackaging’, and can help identify the right set of packages for the conversions before the actual conversion is done.

This conversion is all automated with AdminStudio 2019, which could save time, effort and eventually cost.  Look at the screenshot below to see the Automated Application Converter in action with a sample set of packages along with their ‘MSIX Readiness’ statuses.

Automated Application Converter MSIX Batch Conversions: This shows the Automated Application Converter for a sample set of packages along with their MSIX Readiness status.

Flexera AdminSTudio blog image 3

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To learn more about this new release, join Flexera’s upcoming webinar: How to Lower the Risk of On-going Windows 10 Migrations with AdminStudio

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